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Curious about termites or ants or bed bugs? Or maybe you’re searching for some advice on how to get rid of pests. The Pest Control Blog might be the entity that will answer your questions!

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carpenter ants control

Carpenter Ants Control And Exterminator In Vancouver

If you have seen carpenter ants in your home or business place, then you must be worried about How to get rid of carpenter ants. They live in dead or damp wood and unlike termites, they do not eat wood, just remove the wood to make a way through it.

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pests control

pest control And pest exterminator in Vancouver

Are you worried because of the presence of pests in or around your property or business? Your concerns are real, because insects pests, and small animals have the ability to damage your property as well as your health. The most common types of pests in Vancouver are ants, flies, cockroaches, mice, rats, wasps, and bed bugs. There are many diseases that are caused by pests.

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construction pest control
pests control

Construction Pest Control || 12 tips pest solutions construction sites

Construction pest control is so essential, because construction sites attract pests and rodents due to the presence of food, water, and shelter. Furthermore, these sites tend to be secluded, which makes them even more attractive to pests. The bad news is that construction sites are also some of the most common places for pest activity and without constant supervision, pests can quickly spread, hampering productivity and endangering workers.
Keep reading to learn more about how to get rid of rodents and pest control in construction sites.

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vancouver commercial pest control
pests control

Commercial Pest Control Vancouver: safe, effective pest solutions

Commercial pest control is a necessity for a safe and healthy business. You do not want to be hosting cockroaches or spiders any time soon. Even if you’re one of the fortunate ones that doesn’t have a problem with insects, food can be contaminated by insects, rodents, and birds. It is unsanitary for them to be present in and around establishments.

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