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Burnaby, situated just east of Vancouver, has cool summers and mild, rain-soaked winters. As one of the primary urban centers in the Greater Vancouver area, Burnaby blends vibrant city life with extensive parks and green spaces.

This combination also invites a range of pests including rats, carpenter ants, bed bugs, and wasps. 

Effective pest management is crucial to maintain the health and safety of Burnaby’s residents, their homes and businesses.

Burnaby is close to Vancouver with the same climate which is great as a habitat for pests.

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Common Pests in Burnaby, BC

West Vancouver, given its location and environmental factors, encounters a range of pests typical to the Greater Vancouver area. Some of the most common pests in West Vancouver include:

Given Burnaby’s urban environment paired with its green spaces, it’s essential for residents and businesses to be vigilant and proactive in their pest control efforts to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment.

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