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We Offer Free Pest Control Inspections

We use integrated pest management plans to solve pest problems. Our technician inspects your property, collects information, and prepares an IPM plan which is knowledge-based and environmentally friendly. 

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When we start working on your pest problem, relax and continue your normal life and activities. Because our services are guaranteed and we are with you until the problem is solved, and in case of any observations or signs of pests, we will return at no additional cost.

Why choose Perfect Pest Solutions?

Under the supervision of Dr. G. Abbaszadeh who holds a Ph.D. degree in Entomology with more than 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, Perfect Pest Solutions Ltd, uses integrated pest management strategies to achieve long-term as well as environmentally sound pest control suppression through the use of a wide range of technological and management practices. Also, our services have the following competitive features.

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Moe Faraji
Moe Faraji
As the owner of Enterpack Company, a food distribution company in North Vancouver, I know Perfect Pest Solutions Company since 2019. This is the best company that I have ever received pest control services. The technician is a real professional person with lots of knowledge and experience. I recommend this company to anyone who has pest problems.
seyed reza shad saadat
seyed reza shad saadat
Peter Chang
Peter Chang
I had a rodent problem at one of my rental unit and used Perfext Pest Solutions. They were very professional, always on time, and very effective in getting rid of rodents. Highly recommend this company for any pest problems.
Nahal Moghadam
Nahal Moghadam
majid hassanizadeh
majid hassanizadeh
I highly recommend this company because their services are on time, friendly, fast and efficient. I have used the pest control service for cockroaches problem.
Par ham
Par ham
I am one of the client of this Company and am happy to mention that since more than 2 years ago, I have got an excellent service from them with very affordable and reasonable service rate regards to blocking the route path of rats and mice into our parking area and therefore to our basement, blocking the access of squirrels to our attic, periodically monitoring the mice and rats' bates, etc. and I definitely recommend their service to any one who is looking for a solution for pest problem.
Hadi Ahmadi
Hadi Ahmadi
I am supper happy with the service that perfect pest solutions provide me. My family and I had a nightmare with both cockroach and mouse in our house. We called two companies to help us. they did some inspection and delivered their service, but non of them worked well. I called this company as one of my friend recommend them for me. They did inspection, treatment with 2 months followup service with very affordable and reasonable price. We got a very positive result. Based on my experience, I have find this company honest with commitment to deliver quality service. I highly recommend them.
Maryam Alikashani
Maryam Alikashani

Structural pests of BC

best pest control services

Pigeon Control

  • Feed on fruits, grains, worms, etc.
  • Pigeons deposit large quantities of droppings on buildings, especially in Vancouver's downtown.

Wasp Control

  • Wasps feed on nectar, other insects, fruits, dead animals, etc.
  • Professional pest control is sometimes required because they inject venom, which can cause serious allergic reactions.
Indian meal moth

Pantry Moth Control

  • Feed on cereals, dried fruits.
  • Moths Damaged foods contain silk threads and webs.

Flea Control

  • fleas can be found on cats, dogs, and some other animals in British Colombia.
  • They are blood-sucking insects and feed on humans too.
Bed Bug

Bed bug Control

  • A bed bug is a blood-sucking insect.
  • Humans are the primary host of bed bugs.
  • They should be treated by an expert pest controller.
termite, sowbug and pillbug

Termite Control

  • Feed on damp or dry woods.
  • Termites should be treated by a professional pest control company.

Cockroach Control

  • Feed on a wide range of materials.
  • Cockroaches are mostly active at night, especially in the kitchen.

Rodent Control

  • Feed on almost anything.
  • Rodents can cause health concerns, so better to call a pest control company.

Ant Control

  • Keeping the property clean and dry, removing vegetation close to the building.
  • Ants cause damage and needs to be treated by professional pest controllers.

Millipede Control

  • They are considered as a pest when they come inside the property.
  • Millipedes are found in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and New Westminster.

Spider Control

  • Feed on other arthropods like insects, sowbugs, etc.
  • Several species of spiders live in and around Vancouver city.

Silverfish Control

  • Feed on various materials like sugar, paste, carpet, paper, fabrics, etc.
  • Silverfish are most active at night and in moist areas.

If you have pest exterminator questions, feel free to chat with us now

Our guideline to deal with any type of pest problem is integrated pest management (IPM). The main control methods in this system are mechanical, physical, biological, and chemical. We try to control pests using the first three methods. But, there are some cases in which these methods alone are not effective at exterminating the pest problem. Here, our other option is safer chemicals. However, sometimes as a last resort we have to use more effective chemicals which can be harmful to humans and pets. That’s why we recommend the residents to stay out of the property for 5-6 hours after chemical treatment.

  • Valid pest control certificate
  • Valid pesticide use license
  • Have positive customer reviews
  • Knowledge about pest identification, biology, behavior, and treatment methods
  • Experience about how to integrate all these information

Yes, we provide a free inspection for an estimate in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and New Westminster. Sometimes, In some cases (eg. homebuyers) who want to make sure whether there is any sort of pest problem in the property, the inspection is considered a chargeable service and they should pay for the inspection.

The founder of Perfect Pest Solutions Company has a Ph.D. in Entomology with outstanding awards, recognitions, and more than 20 years of experience in the pest management industry. Also, we provide free pest control inspection services and a competitive pest extermination price list for residential, commercial, and industrial.

Our services are guaranteed for 3 months after treatment if the problem still exists. The technician re-inspects the location and repeats the treatment at no charge.

The amount of time it takes to perform pest extermination, the cost of materials used, and the number of treatment replications, are the main factors influencing the service cost. Knowledge-based decisions reduce these factors, without any negative effect on the quality of the service. As a result, the service cost decreases significantly.

Best Pest Control Price List

extermination services

One Time
$ 149 start from
  • Free Inspection
  • 3 months guarantee
  • For All kind of Pests
  • Free follow ups upon request
  • Pest prevention assessment

home protection

Every Month
$ 75 start from
  • Free Inspection
  • guaranteed service
  • For All kind of Pests
  • Free follow ups upon request
  • Pest prevention assessment
  • monthly Insp. & treatment
  • Ideal for homeowners

pest control services

Multiple times
$ 65 start from
  • Free inspection
  • guaranteed service
  • For All kind of Pests
  • Free follow ups upon request
  • Pest prevention assessment
  • Multiple times
  • Perfect for Residential, Commercial and industrial
exclusive offer

Pest inspection & monitoring

$ 59 start from
  • Ideal for homebuyers
  • For All kind of Pests